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Verdiana Raw is a versatile and complete twenty-nine years old artist. As songwriter and performer, she combines passion and technique in a continuous growth through research and artistic work, studies and collaborations in various disciplines: music, theater, dance, painting, poetry.


Her second album, 'Whales Know The Route', will be released in September on the label Pippola Music. It will be distributed in Italy by Audioglobe and by Rough Trade in the rest of Europe.


The experience of motherhood, the music therapy studies, the new artistic collaborations, including the meeting with Paolo Favati (of Pankow fame) have deeply marked Verdiana Raw's artistic project. Paolo Favati contributed with a sophisticated and ambitious production as well as playing bass throughout the album. The viola player Erika Giansanti, a very emotional musician, was able to build a bridge between the neo classical athmospheres of the previous album 'Metaxy' and the 'alternative rock' sound of 'Whales Know The Route'. Antonio Bacchi's guitars and Fabio Chiari's drums have walked alongside Verdiana in her path from the 'black and white' atmosphere of 'Metaxy' to the colors and nuances of the new album.





VRTo support 'Whales Know The Route', Verdiana Raw brings on stage her show and prepares herself for a season of concerts in Italy and abroad. On stage she will be accompanied by her four-piece band with notorious italian egineer Marco Lega (Marlene Kuntz, CCCP & Üstmamò) at the mixer. Concerts also include a series of acoustic gigs, some with the full band and others with a more intimate set voice / piano and viola.


Verdiana Raw and her band on stage:


Verdiana Raw: voice, piano

Erika Giansanti: viola

Antonio Bacchi: guitars

Fabio Chiari: drums

Paolo Favati: bass

Marco Lega: mixer


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Live 2016 - Videos:

"Time is circular live at larione10 studio" (official): (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO) 

Behind that ballerina dress" live @ Sicurcaiv (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO)

"On the road to Thelema "live @ Sicurcaiv: (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO

"Planets" live @ Sicurcaiv: (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO)

Acoustic Live - Videos

  Voice / piano e violaLive in the Warehouse. A microfilm(YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO




'Whales know the route' (Pippola Music - 2016) by Verdiana Raw


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Official Videos 2016:

from Whales Know The Route "Time Is Circular" (official): (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO

from Whales Know The Route"On The Road To Thelema" (official): (YOUTUBE) - (VIMEO)


Verdiana Raw - 2016:

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Album credits:


Verdiana Raw: voice, piano, violin (Durme Durme), Organetto Frontalini

Erika Giansanti: viola, violin, cello

Antonio Bacchi: guitars

Fabio Chiari: drums

Paolo Favati: bass 

Recording and mixing at Blue Velvet Studio

Produced by Paolo Favati and Verdiana Raw

Mastering by T. Bianchi at White Sound Mastering Studio

Graphic project and photo by Roberta Dolce

Special guests: Luigi Maria Mennella: vocal performing (On The Road To Thelema)



«So many people already said that but we'll do it again: in our current musical landscape Verdiana Raw is a reality of which everybody should simply go proud and to attend a performance of her group is a privilege that anybody shouldn't miss as just it happens the opportunity to see it.»  [Ver Sacrum review - live @ IBS]


«What unfolds in the 10 tracks of "Whales know the route" is the portrait of an artist of lineage, a dream angel and poetry singing the dappled light and shade of emotion with her speckled voice.» [Rockerilla - review by Aldo Chimenti]


«.....this album is a test that smacks of internationaly, lived and planned, full of ethereal and evocative atmospheres, able to create a unique charm and full of surprises far away from any classification for an album bewitching of beauty and light.» [review IndiePerCui]



«It's incredible to believe that this is just the second album of such a young artist. Verdiana Raw & co. move with confidence between genres giving us an intense album, nocturnal and strongly cinematic (many songs could easily comment any movie scenes)...» [review]







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